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About US

Saveur Locale is the widest network offering Gourmet Routes dedicated to the artisans 

Created by a gourmet duet, passionated about gastronomy and artisans, the Guide du Goût constantly promotes hard work and values of the French artisans and producers.

The Guide du Goût is the only website that classifies the best trips, events and culinary artisans located near you. The very people, who shape the land to make it better and make us proud of the French gastronomy, are to be found in the Saveur Locale network.

From a laptop or a cellphone, our technology enables you to access all these hyperlocal information anytime, anywhere, even on the most famous social media such as facebook and Twitter.

The Saveur Locale network already gathers more than 300 professionals throughout the country, united by commun values – products of quality, the « savoir-faire » as well as a great sens of generosity. Thus, the Guide du Goût aims at giving a greater visibility to every artisan, in order that each of us learn from their hard work, their passion, their excellence and their creativity.



A wide choice of Gourmet Routes, events and cooking classes


No doubts the Guide du Gout will meet your expectations – visiting a city throughout its culinary traditions, rediscovering a familiar area thanks to its local artisans, a stroll, a tasting, or a unique cooking class with an exceptional baker or chocolate maker – that is exactly the kind of unforgetable expériences you are about to live, during the Gourmet Routes.

These Gourmet Routes and Cooking Classes launched in 2013 in Montpellier and since 2015 in Paris, have already contributed to create a brand new relation between the customers and the artisans, in a fun and tasty environment.

The Guide du Goût and all its staff is more than happy to offer you the possibility to take part to this brand new adventure, which wouldn’t have been possible without the trust of the best artisans, and the partnership of the Tourist Office of Montpellier and Paris.



Saveur Locale : the guarantee of taste and quality!



You’ll be able to recognize the artisans belonging to the Saveur Locale network thanks to the badge put on the window of their shop.

It is important to stress the fact, that this distinction is only given to the artisans who use some respectful methods of work, towards the products, the environment and therefore, towards the customer.